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Nice to Miet You

Somewhere in 2012, I decided to meet new people on a regular basis — professionally. These were not always people in my field of expertise, but they all had one thing in common: passion, and a story to tell.

This ritual of cold-mailing or -tweeting “Hey, I like what you’re doing, let’s have a drink/chat?” and awkward first handshakes had something magical to it. Usually we both went home with interesting insights, the desire to take on new challenges and even friendship.

So here I am.

Let’s grab a (virtual) drink, and exchange thoughts: about the future of design, digital product design, open data, your new business, freelance work, things that haven’t been invented yet … Just toot me or send me an email at drinks@miet.be.

I met tons of wonderful people. They made me into the person I am today, shaped my work & life, ruffled my feathers and gave me wings. I wanted to name all of the people I met this way, but it kept me from finishing this post all together. You guys know who you are, let’s have a drink again soon!