Hello. My name is miet. I’m a designer.

Design to me, is how products are made, how they feel and how they work. Design is in the DNA of your product.

We create these products for businesses, users and the society we live in. Bringing these aspects together help build something truly valuable.

Design is a team effort. We can only accomplish good design if developers, marketers and others involved are on board.

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    I'm looking for people who need help designing and building a valuable digital product.

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  • Digital Product Designer at Myrise

    Myrise is a SaaS Startup located in Ghent. I designed the web application and the marketing site, based on research and testing. I was involved with the whole UX process, and responsible for user research, user testing, UI, information architecture, brainstorms, feature specs, data visualization, brand design, presentations and front-end development.

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  • Designer at iRail

    A web app for route planning with open transport data. I was responsible for the branding of iRail, helping out with data visualizations for the Open Knowledge Foundation and the user interface design of FlatTurtle.

  • Freelance designer

    Web design, graphic design & branding.

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  • Designer at Ghendetta

    Ghendetta is a location-based game that revolves around attacking geographical regions while protecting your turf via foursquare check-ins. Each player is automatically assigned to one of four teams (Hawks, Wolves, Panthers & Snakes). The goal of the game is to win as much territory as possible by playing closely together with your teammates.

  • Project manager & designer at iRail Summer of Code

    Guiding students with their open source projects as a project manager, by providing SCRUM management techniques, wireframing techniques and helping out with their branding / UX / UI issues.

  • Intern Graphic Design at Beshart

    Creating artwork for the children's book Circus Chapito and creating my own project Njamnjam, a website combining design, infographics and yummy food.

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  • Master of Arts in Graphic Design

    Holistic Graphic Design Education at the Media & Design Academy Genck

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My latest Blorghe

“You’re one of the reasons this company still exists today. But now, we’re gonna have to let you go.”

For a little less than two years, I went full-blown-karate for a startup called Darwin Analytics. Anthony, a guy I barely knew, had stars in his eyes when he talked about his plans. I had no experience, and no idea where to start. But I decided I was going to help build his space ship.

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